How to Make Your iPhone4S Suck Less (Battery)

With the release of iOS5 and thereafter, the iPhone4S, there was a lunatic rush everywhere to grab the brand-new device from Apple. iPhone4S flew off the shelves like some porno flick DVDs with Apple selling 4 million devices in just a week’s time! Phew! But just after two weeks, complaints against the poor battery life came flowing right back in and today’s Apple is searching (it doesn’t drain your battery though) for solution for its million iPhone4S device users.

Factors That Suck The Juice off iPhone4S Battery
Tech experts say that the poor battery life of iPhone4S device has a lot do with its software bug and iCloud features. Especially, the location tracking feature is being considered as the prime culprit which constantly tries updating the coordinates in the Location Tracking and therefore, sucks the juice off your iPhone4S battery. Similarly, the introduction of the iCloud feature is actually proving to be a bane for iPhone4S users as it dramatically reduces the battery life when your phone tries to sync the data with iCloud server.

Steps to Make Your iPhone4S Run for A Whole Day
We know Steve Jobs was always mighty proud of the iPhone’s legendary battery life, but unfortunately he is no longer around to look into the issues as immediately as he did when iPhone4S had reception issues in 2010.

It might seem like an iRony, but the only way you can make your iPhone4S last for a day without recharging, is turning off most of the features that you were tempted to buy the device for in the first place.

Let’s face it – you don’t need a lot of features turned on in your iPhone4S device, do you?

So until the engineers at Apple come out with the fixes or iOS5 updates, make sure you follow the steps below in order to make your iPhone4S last for a day.

Turn Off The Locations Services: Tap on “Settings” and go to “Location Services”. Selectively disable Location Services for services you don’t use, like Reminders, before proceeding. Next, tap to “System Services” and switch off the following features:

  • Compass Calibration
  • Diagnostics & Usage
  • Setting Time Zone

Avoid the Cloud :(Settings > iCloud). Yes, this is a sacrifice but synchronizing to iCloud eats a lot of battery life, keep it to the minimum with only the apps you are actually use.

Turn off Your Wi-Fi when not in use: Settings>Wi-Fi and switch it to off

Turn off Your Bluetooth: Settings>General>Bluetooth.

Turn off Push Data: Settings>Mail, Contacts, and Calendars>Fetch New Data. You can either disable the push option or simply change the frequency of the data pushing. For example, you can set the option to Manually. This means you have to push data manually if you want to check any new emails. The other alternative is to schedule your phone to fetch data hourly.

Turn off Vibration: Settings>Sounds. Turn off the vibration. If you don’t keep the phone mostly on silent mode, it’s pointless to keep the vibration mode on.

Turn on Auto-Brightness: Settings>Brightness and switch Auto-Brightness to on.

Turn on Auto Screen Lock: Settings>General>Auto-Lock and Select 1 Minute. This will turn off the screen if you forget to lock your phone.

Turn off Cellular Data: Settings>General>Network and switch Cellular Data to off.

Turn the Equalizer Off: Settings>Music>EQ and selecting off.

Although some of these solutions will undoubtedly lengthen your iPhone’s battery life, they are taking away from the selling points of the iPhone 4S and iOS 5 😛 What good is notification center if your notifications aren’t being pushed to you?

If none of the above steps helped sustain your battery life for over 8 hours a day, then just follow this final trick. I’m sure it will work:

Press and hold the top button until the “Slide to power off: instruction appears, then slide to power off 😛

They say if you don’t have an iPhone, you don’t have an iPhone. There’s more to life than just worrying about a pricy device. Turn off your phone and go get a life.


  1. Cike says

    No offense, but saying the iPhone4S “flew off the shelves like some porno flick DVDs” tell us nothing about the iPhone, but possibly a lot about you. How many of your readeany i you think can relate to porno flicks shopping? Besides, while I have no experience with kind of thing, I suspect DVDs are passé for porn. Next time, try “sold like hotcakes” or even “flew off the shelves like toilet paper in an Alabama snow storm.”.

    • mr bob dobalina says

      It’s just a metaphor… don’t be a whiny-ass dooshbag ‘Cike’.

      This guy has given you some good advice and all you can do is complain – why don’t you write your own article instead of criticising his literary prowess.

      And by the way there is nothing wrong with porn, it’s just sex, and while your head stuck firmly in the sand, your kid is probably being fiddled by your priest.

      Get a life!

  2. says

    what’s the use of the applications on iphone if i will just turn it off?. Its pointless to buy an iphone if i will not use some applications just to maximize its battery. Apple must fix this huge problem.


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