Why Conventional Blogging Wisdom Kills Your Blog: 5 Things You Shouldn’t Worry About

As I’ve told you I want to blog a lot but sadly, running an Internet empire eats up most of time during the work hours. So the only time I’m left with is late evening hours. By the time, I am available for writing a post for my blog, it almost seems like a mechanical process for me.

I have read many times that bloggers should stick to a routine and allocate some time towards writing a daily post. I think doing that takes the creativity away from you. Whether your blog is about travelling, photography, people, fashion or gadget, it tends to get boring when you follow a pattern.

When you allow routine to control a process as creative as blogging , you tend to let your blog suffer, and lose your audience eventually.

So how should you keep your blog alive and kicking? Here are some kick-ass blogging ideas that laugh at conventional blogging philosophy:

#1- Never Read a Lot: They say you have to be a voracious reader to be a great blogger. That isn’t necessarily true. You only have to eat the cream, and not the entire ice. Honestly, nobody has enough time to follow even tens of blogs although there are hundreds of them out on the Web. So it boils down to meeting the challenge of how you manage to read only those posts that offer the maximum value to you.

I’ve been following the Twitter updates of some of my clients who read quite a few blogs regularly and share the posts that offer some value to them. This makes it easy for me as I only pick those that have a nice headline. This way I read only those posts that offer maximum value to my thought process. Believe me, it’s a great food for thought if you want to blog naturally. But don’t forget to share them on Social Web. You should let others benefit from what you’ve found useful for you.

#2- Never Go after Traffic: Going after traffic is one of the dumbest mistakes many bloggers do. When you focus on building traffic, you increase your chances of getting frustrated quickly. It’s such an irony that some of us completely lose focus on producing quality content on our blog in the elusive pursuit of traffic building, when traffic essentially grows on blogs that never lose focus on offering quality content.

Technically, one can never figure out the exact reasons that drive more traffic to some blogs than others. So, there’s no point in going after something you really can’t do a lot about. Just focus on writing great posts and traffic knows how to take care of itself.

#3- Never Maintain A Schedule: I’m just repeating what I just said in the beginning of this post. Nothing kills your blogging desire quite like a relentless routine. I agree I don’t find much time to blog during the work hours. But if I set my alarm clock to get up sharp at 6 am in the morning to write my daily post, would it offer any substance to my visitors?

I wrote my last post on the Internet addiction on a lazy Sunday morning and it became a resounding success across Twitter, driving decent traffic to my blog. I had no plan to write that post on a Sunday morning. But I just felt like writing something and it came through nicely.

#4- Never Be Fussy about Trivial Things: We may have come across blogs that are well designed with attractive fonts and images. I, for one, used to be very picky about images and fonts. However, in reality, they are far too less important to our audience than we could even imagine.

I remember how finicky I was about ensuring silly issues like the text should be aligned properly and justified before I hit the publish button. Fretting over the “appropriate” images is such a waste of time. The audience is only concerned about the quality of your content. I have very rarely seen Glen Allsop (ViperChill) using any attractive images on his posts. And, I think I need not mention what each of his posts means to you.

#5- Never Split Your Hair for A Title: I know I’m probably defying the conventional thumb rules of blogging, but holding a brain-storming session just to come up with an attractive title for your post never quite justifies it. Unless your post has “something” for your audience, that title won’t help. In other words, a post offering high utility to you audience can spread far and wide even if it doesn’t have a great title. We live in the age of Social Web where quality matters to our audience a lot and they only care about articles that offer sheer value to them. So, if you scratch their back, they will mostly likely scratch yours.

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