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India has always been on the forefront of crowding the planet Earth with its nonsensically burgeoning population, thanks to the 70% people who occupy the rural parts and refuse to see any reason why they must adopt their government’s family planning. It is the same country with potentially the most number of gullible consumers waiting to fall prey to the call of the cunning advertising industry that is hired by both domestic and multinational companies to tell their trash with a USP.

Before you decide to kick my ass for subjecting you to an apparently unrelated opening paragraph with regards to the title, here is why you should change your mind:

Apple officially launched their iPhone4 in India with a tie-up with Airtel and Aircel. To promote the launch of their products, they hired the leading news papers in India that carried a full-page advertisement with alluring taglines and tempting packages.

If you’re NOT a tech-savvy person, you’re supposed to ignore those ads in the first place and enjoy the fresh air instead. But, if you are one who has a fetish for new cell phone gadgets and have money to spend on an iPhone, you definitely should NOT spend on the ones currently promoted by Airtel and Aircel. Here’s why:

  • The pricing of the iPhone4 as shown in their ads is 34,500 with 16-GB capacity and Rs 40,900 with 32-GB capacity. First of all, the excruciatingly high price of the handset don’t really make any sense to the buyers when they are buying an iPhone that will soon be declared an outdated device, thanks to the proposed release of iPhone4S next month. Why anyone would buy such a phone after 11 months of its first global launch is beyond me. When the rapid and revolutionary evolution in the mobile technologies is rendering many handsets incapable of catering to the latest mobile apps , buying an iPhone4 for Rs. 40,900 in the face of its next updated version sounds more like an exercise in utter stupidity.
  • Buying an iPhone4 from Airtel and Aircel would essentially mean you are supporting Apple’s unethical marketing practices with regards to the launch of their products in India. Marketing experts see the timing of release of iPhone4 in India as a desperate attempt to dump their outdated stock in a third-world country, shockingly for the same price they would have offered 11 months ago. Apple Inc shouldn’t be encouraged for offering their left-over products at premium prices. Period!
  • In most of the world, when you buy an iPhone, you pay a small initial fee upfront, but the rest of the handset’s price is baked into your two year contract, which you pay off in monthly installments. In India, though? It’s totally backwards… and totally bizarre.Here’s where it gets interesting, though. Instead of the carrier subsidizing the cost of your iPhone, in India, you essentially subsidize Aircel to provide service to the iPhone 4 for you for the next twenty four months, with Aircel “paying you back” in airtime credits over the course of two years until you, as they claim, “recover 100 percent of your upfront iPhone cost.”

Instead, you should wait another month and invest in the updated iPhone4S with some additional updated features. Alternatively, you can wait until September this year or next year for the iPhone5 to launched by Apple Inc. Since there is a great deal of confusion doing rounds across the Web regarding the lunch of iPhone5, here are some facts for your info.

How’s iPhone4S Better Than iPhone4

iPhone 4S will be an improved version of iPhone 4. It will have the same Apple A5 dual core processor that was used in iPad 2 and will support HSPA+21Mbps. The camera also will be better than the 5MP used in iPhone 4.

iPhone4S is NOT The Same As iPhone5

Many people become utterly confused as to the nomenclature of the next iPhone avatar. Is it iPhone5 or iPhone4S? Some tend to assume that they are the one and the same phone, but the truth is they are two different phones altogether. Here’s how:

It was Apple iPhone 5 release that everyone expected in September 2011. iPhone 5 was expected to feature Apple A5 dual core processor, 4″ retina display and to support 4G-LTE. But due to the unavailability of 4G LTE Modem in the expected quantity, Apple is set to release Apple iPhone 4S this year and reserve iPhone 5 for 2012 release.

iPhone 5 is expected to feature the same dual core A5 processor in tandem with Qualcomm LTE modem. The design is almost same as iPhone 4 but will have a 4″ edge to edge display with a metal back cover and a more powerful camera, mostly 8MP camera with enhanced features. Apple will introduce its own NFC system (Near Field Communication) in iPhone 5. It will also include a better battery in iPhone 5.

Though Apple was expected to release its next generation operating system, iOS 5 with iPad 2 it only released iOS 4.3, which stopped short of user expectations with few improvements to the previous version. So all the eyes are now on iPhone to have iOS 5.

Why The Heck is Apple Planning to Launch iPhone4S in June 2011?

Every year the new iPhone is announced at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), which will be held this year from June 6th through the 10th in San Francisco. As June approaches, a whirlwind of rumors graze over the Internet; so far, the most enticing rumors for the iPhone 4S (which is more likely than an iPhone 5 at this point) include a smaller model (since the SIM cards are reported tinier) and a curved-glass cover.

The real question is whether the iPhone 4S will be released in June at all. Last year, the iPad was released on April 3rd and the iPhone 4 launched on June 24th; this year, the iPad 2 was released on March 11th, which is earlier than 2010, but the white iPhone hit stores April 27th. With these roll outs, Apple could justify holding out on releasing the iPhone 5 until later in the summer – or could it?

According to Yahoo Finance, the rise from the release of the white iPhone 4 is already beginning to decline.

There are several reasons supporting the iPhone 4S roll out in June, including:

  1. In lieu of the graph above, the white iPhone 4 excitement hasn’t sustained and Apple will need another boost in the market to maintain an upward moving stock.
  2. It will disappoint MacHeads around the world as well as attendees of the WWDC.
  3. Further app innovation will be needed: Apple reached a new Milestone of 500,000 iOS Apps.
  4. Consumers holding out for the iPhone 5 in June might get frustrated and buy another type of phone.
  5. People will no longer incorporate the routine of buying a new iPhone every year into their financial budget.

According to the popular gadget website Electric Pig Apple’s PR team have sent out invites to select UK journalists to attend the Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) 2011 in early June. You may be wondering, well what does this mean for the iPhone 5? Well it is possible that the motivation behind Apple’s invitation to the journalists is due to their planned unveiling of the next generation iPhone (which might also be the iPhone 4S). Apple however has already announced that it will be launching the i0S 5 at the WWDC. The i0S 5 is expected to be a major upgrade so there is a likelihood that the invitations are for it and not for the iPhone 5.

Difference Between iPhone4 and iPhone5:

Processor: The already released iPhone 4 has an A4 processor which works great for gaming, music and communication purposes. However, rumors have been spreading like wildfire about iPhone 5’s use of the newly launched A5 processor. It is said to increase the phone’s performance to nine times the present speed. The A5 processor was also used on the new iPad 2, which was released just this summer.

Operating System: While the iPhone 4 is installed with iOS4, the iPhone 5 will be using the new operating system that was introduced to the public together with the Mac OS X, the iOS 5. The iOS 5 is named as the “world’s best mobile operating system” in forums and blogs. iOs 5 is said to be much easier to use than the iOS 4, though learning how to use the latter is not as hard.

Camera: The iPhone 4 uses a 5 megapixel camera, while iPhone 5 is rumored to be housing an 8 megapixel camera, to be developed by Sony, one of the leading camera manufacturers in the world. Still, iPhone users will still be able to enjoy Face Time with the front camera just like we did on iPhone 4.

Design: The iPhone 4 is 9.3 millimeters thick, making it the world’s slimmest smart phone ever. Some sources say the iPhone 5 will look a lot like its predecessor, but more speculators say that the most anticipated iPhone 5 will look a lot like the iPod Touch 4th gen, except that it would start from thick to thin, from top to bottom.

Courtesy: iphone5release.org, differencebetween.com and nextiphonenews.com

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