Are Indian Single Women Over 30 Really Happy?

This article has been contributed by Prajna Sarangi

Being single in a metro can be a boon or a bane too. In one front, if someone is independent, has fair amount of money in her wallet and is living in a place where she doesn’t have to really care about the mere definitions of being a girl, the boundaries of act that a woman/girl can extend up to; what else is required to live a carefree life??? In this sense she is light; meeting her own expectations of life, not bothering about others in the world. She enjoys parting late night; dawn bike drives in the calm outer ring road with one friend who might be her boyfriend. Doesn’t matter; she hardly cares about such things… She is engulfed in her own happiness and joy within each moment life is offering; may it be her 31st birthday’s or 37th.

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Then there is the second type of girls who are not dudess types, more home sick, they live more time of their life memorizing the early days when she was with her family enjoying the togetherness. She finds it hard to live in a city where she can find her mom/sister in someone with whom she can share things. There she seeks someone’s presence in her life i.e. her soul mates. She remains in between her daily job and the frustration that no one is with her to share the enjoyment of her earnings in thousands or may it be in lacks..

I cannot say its even for all.. Some are cool; don’t consider their singleness an obstacle on the way of their normal life, but they do have a little underlying cultural impact of settling down within a proper age as defined by our society. But there are some for whom reaching thirty as single is like hell. They undergo immense pressure from their family, relative regarding the fact that they are unmarried and crossed just a number 30.. They feel too much stressed and depressed..

Finally the conclusion would be on a very positive note in favor of metro life that being single in your thirties is much more easier in a metro than any other small town or village. Here girls have wide spread options of spending their time by joining workout classes to weekend team outings leaving less time for them to realize that they are single.

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