How to Survive A Long Distance Relationship: 4 Tips You’ve Never Tried Before

long-distance-relationship-tips-ldr-tipsPicture this: Alex and Jenny are both young, career-driven and are in love with each other. After a stretch of 2-year relationship in college, they have to walk different path to pursue their respective professional ambition. They make the vow to remain in touch and let the spark burning until they finish their courses, come back and reunite. They shed some tears, bid each other good-bye, and began their Long Distance Relationship….after 8 months, both find their bond steadily deteriorating, mutual trust tumbling and by the end the year, they find their relationship heading towards an inevitable break-up.

This may sound like the stolen portion of a cheap script writer in Hollywood, but Long Distance Relationships are a naked truth many couples are faced with around the world today. Here in Bollywood, they even have a movie “Break Ke Baad” (After The Break) being released this Friday.

Long Distance Relationships are not impossible to survive; however, they can get increasingly challenging and difficult to maintain. Relationship experts believe that the ubiquitous propensity to typically “maintain” an LDR can potentially kill the very relationship that you aspire to keep alive. Don’t just maintain, nurture it, say the experts.

Here Are 4 Tips to Foster Your Long Distance Relationship

Verbal Olympics: Love it or Loathe it, LDRs typically thrive on frequent communications. God Bless the Internet, now you can use VOIP technology or Skype to make long-distance calls to rescue or nurture your long distant relationship, depending on the nature of your current relationship.

Casual Proximal Relationship: This may sound crazy, but often being in a casual proximal relationship can act as a savior of your LDR. A casual proximal relationship is basically a pain reliever that reduces your stress level, which comes with being in a long distance relationship. Make sure you and your partner are both okay with this arrangement before you head into a casual proximal relationship. Likewise, be open to her being in the same arrangement as well. Mutual trust and flexibility is the key here.

Secret Getaways: It is no secret that visiting each other once in a few months is a popular way to keep the flame alive, but blame it on the boredom of maintaining the modern day LDR, you both need to try something weirdly different to add fun to you relationship in a way you’ve never done before. For example, you both can plan an escape to a place neither of you have ever been before. While the excitements of seeing each other reach a newer high, escaping to an unknown destination can add a whole new dimension to your relationship.

Just make sure you don’t tell your parents about this – they can take the fun away from the whole thing. But do tell a close friend about your whereabouts. Don’t update you Facebook or Twitter during this escape :)

Token Affection: Singer Hilary Duff shared the secrets to her LDR with her hubby Mike Comrie in a recent interview to radio. While Hilary spends her time in Los Angeles, Mike represents the Pittsburgh Penguins Hockey team. Hilary says they send pictures to each other which add to their fun quotient.

Often sending a small gift such as flowers or a card on trivial occasions can turn out to be very delighting experience for your LDR partner. It makes lot of difference and helps your bond get stronger. And, mind you, we are NOT talking about e-cards.

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  1. hey ladies, I think one of the reasons me and my fiance are doing well with our longdistance relationship is because we communicate though out the whole day. We use magicjack when he is home and skype to see each other. Try these methods and happy living ladies :)

  2. Long distance relationship can look good for a while but when you miss them so much, it gets really annoying. I lasted for 4 months in a long distance relationship and gave up :/ Well it is indeed extremely difficult.

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