Ladies Can Wait; I’m Married to My Passion :-)


It's been nearly a year and a half, I still look back at that magic moment when something told me inside to buy that camera. I'm proud of that moment which gave me so much. It's like feeling the magic of falling in love without worrying about whether you'll end up marrying her. I have lost count of the moments that gave me the eternal joy when I've seen those clicks come out well, those indescribable moments when you personally feel you can cherish a click forever.

Are Indian Single Women Over 30 Really Happy?

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Being single in a metro can be a boon or a bane too. In one front, if someone is independent, has fair amount of money in her wallet and is living in a place where she doesn’t have to really care about the mere definitions of being a girl, the boundaries of act that a woman/girl can extend up to; what else is required to live a carefree life???