1. AviNo Gravatar said:

    Great post and some good examples.

    However, I am still not clear about the following:

    “Wrong: Stop pressurizing me!

    Right: Stop pressuring me! (A line from the popular track Scream by Michael Jackson)

    For example: The captain will pressurize the cabin for the passengers’ comfort. (The captain will increase the pressure in the cabin to maintain the atmospheric pressure).

    However, pressurize can also be used to define the stress or strain although such use is quite informal, figurative and rare.

    For example: He’s an executive who was pressurized by a heavy workload. (he’s subject to excessive stress, strain, or vexation)”

    Are you saying that “pressurized” can be used in both situations? If yes, then where is the mistake?

    July 10, 2014
    • SusantaNo Gravatar said:

      Don’t pressure your staff into obeying your orders. (active)

      They staff has been pressurized to obey the orders. (passive)

      I hope this answers your question. Thanks!

      July 10, 2014

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