5 Secrets You Didn’t Know About Discover Bhubaneswar

Since 2010, Discover Bhubaneswar has been working on its concept, post by post and image by image, trying to build a powerful online platform of useful information for the Temple City dwellers. If you are from Bhubaneswar and active on Facebook, you’re more likely to have heard its name or been one of its 15000 fans already. Regardless of how active you’re on Discover Bhubaneswar, there are things about DB that you may not already be aware of. Here are 5 secrets you didn’t know about Discover Bhubaneswar.

DB is Inspired by Heal The World Foundation

This is one of the sweetest secrets about Discover Bhubaneswar, something even its core members and staunchest supporters have no idea about. The concept of Discover Bhubaneswar took place back in 2009 after the demise of Michael Jackson, the founder of Heal The World Foundation. The founder of DB wanted to create something similar to make his life more meaningful, and deliver an eternal tribute to his forever beloved. While DB is not yet into charity, but the purpose of devising an information platform was very much in alignment with what Michael Jackson would always believe in, “live your life to make a difference and make the world a better place to live in”. The founder believes it’s true and is committed to this livelong tribute to his beloved.

The Admin is One-man Army

Yes, Discover Bhubaneswar is effectively one-man army, maintained by its admin himself. He is the only person who decides the content, posts it and moderates users’ comments, everything on his own. He takes pictures (mostly with his phone) while he is out for work and then posts them on DB Fanpage when he feels like. Therefore, the liability pertaining to the validity and credibility of the content on DB is the sole discretion of the admin. Sometimes, he posts updates that he thinks right, regardless of the validity of the sources. He is not a populist, he is a rebel.

If you have been active on DB for a while, you should know the admin spends nearly 25% of this work hours in keeping the community alive and kicking. The admin is the founder, pioneer and future of DB unless he dies prematurely :-)

Therefore, the word “WE” is his creative imagination to make the fans think that DB is a collective endeavor, while it is clearly NOT.

Most of The Pics Captured with Cellphone Cam

Most of the pics (nearly 70%) published on DB have been taken with a cellphone (iPhone). Because the quality of the camera is so good, it’s hard for a normal user to tell the difference. It’s practically impossible for a full-time entrepreneur to go out with his camera on a daily basis and capture pics to post on DB. Most of the pics, therefore, have been taken off the cuff and posted to DB on the spot or afterwards.

It’s a Non-profit

DB is a non-profit at the moment. It’s not financially supported by any group. However, the founder (CEO of Top League Tech) himself is deliriously devoted to the cause since its inception. Starting from the maintenance of the community page to building a website, the founder has been completely into the entire process since the very first day. Going forward, DB will develop into a powerful information platform, an ultimate destination for every conceivable piece of information about the city. The estimated cost of the project might go up to 10 lacs rupees in terms of hiring professionals, building the applications and maintenance of the website on a daily basis. Currently, it is maintained by Top League Technologies at their own cost, without any profit in sight. However, DB plans to make money via Google’s Affiliate Programs when the website goes live.

The Ultimate Objective of DB: The mission of DB is pretty clear; DB wants to develop its website into an information powerhouse for the Temple City by offering relevant information for the city dwellers. It wants be the ultimate information portal for every piece of information people are looking for. Starting from info on educational institutions to tourist spots, from hiring rock bands to checking out your flight status in real-time, the website wants to be the Google.com for the Temple City, and much more. It is nearly impossible to put down in words exactly how comprehensive the plans are, but DB, if all plans go well, can set a benchmark for many other small cities to follow.

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