Why Apple is Always the Next Big Thing


Answer this: Why do people largely ignore the first two, but think the 3rd is the ‘next big thing’? Because at this point, apple is running on marketing and media hype alone; launching unoriginal and boring “me too” products. Because of their experience with smart phones before the iPhone Because what apple has done is… Read More


Dear Copyblogger Support, Are You Listening?

I generally take customer support very seriously and if it’s a big brand, I expect it even more. Recently, I bought a product from MediaPress from Copyblogger. But my very first interaction with their support left me disappointed. Here’s why…


Let’s Nofollow Google

nofollow google

The fundamental criticism is that we are getting a Google-shaped web rather than a web-shaped Google, due to Google’s defacto monopoly position.


Happiness is…

happiness definition

We often wonder what makes us happy or what happiness actually consists of. Turns out there are little things in our lives that bring happiness our way yet we fail to appreciate them. Here are some of those moments.


Why I Will Never Buy from Again


I have purchased different products from their website thrice and gone through excruciating experience each time, thanks to their grotesque business model and flawed marketplace ecosystem. Here’s why you shouldn’t buy from either.